PF-01 High Performance Motorcycle Oil Filter

The PF-01 High Performance Oil Filter consists of a reinforced synthetic filter media for improved filtration performance and blowout prevention, while maintaining high engine oil flow for reduced horsepower loss. The strengthened steel-alloy shell and high capacity design ensures durability and greater effective filter lifespan. The unique high-temperature gasket design improves the sealing strength and reduces the chance of oil leaks at high operating pressures and temperatures.

Please refer to our reference database for compatibility with your vehicle.

The ATLAS SYNTHETICS 10W50 ester-based 100% synthetic 4T motorcycle engine oil is a high-performance, racing grade lubricant that is designed to maximize the power output of the engine whilst providing optimal protection and lubrication for all engine and drivetrain components.

It is formulated for use in both on-road and off-road high-performance 4-stroke motorcycles engines and transmissions. Provides optimal friction characteristics with wet-clutches. Suitable for use in 2-stroke motorcycle gearboxes. Compatible for use in vehicles with Euro 2/3/4/5 emissions requirements, safe on catalytic converters and exhaust gas after-treatment devices.

Please refer to the reference database section for oil technical data.

Ester-based 100% Synthetic 4T Motorcycle Racing Engine Oil